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The mission of Freedom Homes of the QCA is to assist individuals who have decided to change their lives in a positive way and become productive members of the community. Central to this mission is the idea that true and permanent change can only be accomplished with the help of our Lord Jesus Christ.

FHQCA provides housing, supportive services, structure, consistency, and love for individuals who want to create a new life. We provide participants with an opportunity to stabilize their situation and address the obstacles preventing them from obtaining employment, securing permanent housing, and building life skills. The participants along with staff develop goals, create action steps, and address the issues that have contributed to their situation. They are linked with needed community resources and services in addition to being encouraged to develop a natural support system within the community. Program activities include case management, scripture study, life skills, job training, accountability partners, and educational exploration. Participants are required to work or attend school while in the program, if applicable. Services are typically offered for up to 18 months or longer, if desired.

For more than 20 years, Freedom Homes of the QCA, Inc., has served adults with addictions and/or mental illnesses, and felons who desire a chance to start their lives over in a supportive Christian environment. Residents have been self-referred, referred by individuals in the recover program, or by local mental health and treatment facilities. Residents receive room, board, and additional supplies in return for remaining sober and advancing in their recovery. residents pay a fee until they are able, both financially and psychologically, to manage an apartment or a house on their own. Each resident is given support as needed to ensure their health and safety needs are met. Provisions are made for attending 12-step meeting, church, medical appointment, jobs, etc. 

Sandra Cline, the founder of Freedom Homes Ministries has a background that lends itself well to operating a housing project and a recover program. Ms. Cline's unyielding dedication to the mission of helping others recover comes out of a promise she made to God decades ago. She has extensive knowledge of the principles involved for successful living. She has been self-employed for over 50 years and is well-known in her community. her motivation continues unhindered due to her willingness and unselfishness to serve God.

Ms. Cline dedicates Freedom Homes Ministries to Suzanne Salter. Suzanne worked for over 30 years in New  York City. She was a public relations specialist working with TV and movie stars. Ms. Salter developed Multiple Sclerosis and was forced to returned to her hometown, Davenport, Iowa. Ms. Salter placed an ad for a caregiver and God eventually led Sandra to her. They ended up living together for over 13 years before God took her to be with Him. Suzie was Sandra's best friend, inspiration, and confidant. Without Ms. Salter, Sandra would not be where she is today. Without her, there would be no Freedom Homes. Because of her and many others, FHQCA exists today.

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